Nestor’s series of paintings titled “Every Girl Goes to Hell” are brazen evocations of the roiling darkness within his subjects. Their superficial personas are fearlessly striped away as he beckons their deepest sorrows, dread and malcontent to pour forth.

He simultaneously contrasts these visceral glimpses with graceful line work, shading and an almost hypnotic visual flow. Consequently, each portrait seems to pulse, it’s essence both oozing and surging forward into the viewer’s subconscious.

It would seem his paintings are not simply portraits of others, but they are in many ways, mirrors of ourselves. Like most horrific truths that are eloquently captured, Nestor’s images are hard to shake from memory.

More of his work can be seen here:

Nestor’s latest painting “Jana Brike” will be part of Peripeteia | A Group Exhibition of White Rabbit Artists. He will be present at the opening reception on Friday, January 7th, 7-10pm, at the White Rabbit (145 East Houston Street, NY).

Follow the links for information about White Rabbit and the group show “Peripeteia.”

Nestor Notes:

What artists or creative person has influenced you?
To list all of the artists that have influenced me would take up a ton of room. The living artists that have excited and inspired me the most recently are Karl Persson, Paul Romano, Caitlin Hackett, Jenny Saville, Kris Kuksi, Carrie Ann Baade, Jeremy “Hush” Clark, Chet Zar, Scott Cranmer, Shawn Barber, Charlie Immer, Travis Louie, Alex Pardee, and Christian Rex van Minnen.

Not including other artists or art, what inspires you?
All of the bad news on every news channel.

What is the part of your process you enjoy the most?
Everything about the act of creating artwork, that takes place in my studio, is enjoyable.

… the least?
I dislike shipping work. I truly hate when my paintings are in boxes and in the hands of people that could care less about the fragile stickers. I have an image in my head similar to the beginning of “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”.

Thank you so much for your time Buddy!