Under The Veil series hanging at Arc Gallery.

Under The Veil at Arc Gallery

A handful of one-of-a-kind works are still available for purchase at Arc Gallery.  Large views of all the images can be found at the end of this post.

We were delighted to debut our encaustic series, Under The Veil at the FourSquared IV group show, at Arc Gallery in San Francisco. The show theme, FourSquared, is a unique exploration of the works of sixteen Bay Area artists. Each of the artists has produced sixteen small works, presented in sixteen clusters giving the audience the experience of sixteen micro solo exhibitions.

Jason Mitchell and Stacey Ransom during the opening at 4 Squared.

The exhibit is open to the public Weds & Thurs 1-6pm & Sat 12-3pm through October 6th.

Arc Gallery is located in San Francisco’s SOMA district, on Folsom Street, between 8th & 9th streets.
(3 blocks from the Civic Center BART station on Market Street).

Under The Veil series hanging at Arc Gallery.

Closing Reception & Artists Talk, “SquaredAlumni” **
Sat. Oct. 6th, 12-3PM
Stacey Ransom will be at the gallery to participate in the artist talk and answer any one-on-one questions.
** Arc will be donating its commissions during the SquaredAlumni to support ArtSpan programs.

Below are all of the images plus a few questions folks have asked us regarding this series.

The Smudge
The images all have a similar look to them, but the subject matter is very different. Could you delve into that a bit?

Our new series, “Under the Veil,” is a collection of subconscious, dream-state images with individual stories that are intentionally symbolic and obtuse. We were interested in capturing the feeling of awakening from a deep slumber, when one claws at the mind to bring form to their quickly fleeting dreams. In many cases, even when we can remember our dreams they are often disjointed scenarios following no clear narrative, yet while we were subconsciously experiencing them they felt cohesive. It is the waking mind that insists on parsing the disparity. Additionally, it is only with focused introspection can one begin to find meaning in the metaphors and story line. Not surprisingly, the interpretations are highly personal with each person divining a different meaning.

Up Is Down
Many of these images feel creepy, was that your intention?

We hear that a lot. *sly smile*

All kidding aside, it is never our goal to make imagery that is shocking or upsetting. We do no like base-level “jump scares.” Rather we truly wish to delve into the complexity of the human psyche. We are intrigued by the inherent contradictions that exist within all of us mainly – what we desire is often what cause the most anxiety. The longing to fly free, carries the worry of a crash landing. The need to be the center of attention, brings with it the scrutiny of a spotlight and microscope. That said, for this series we aimed to craft scenarios that balanced desires and fear – two emotions that subconsciously often go hand in hand.

Tenjo Kudari
Long Way Home
These look like paintings and photographs at the same time – how was this work created?

This series is comprised of digitally painted photographs that were finished with encaustic painting making each unique.

Our process for the series utilized a variety of techniques. The location photographs were shot in Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Tunisia, and California. For the scenarios not sourced in the world at large, we crafted and textured interiors, scenery, objects, and birds with CG. The figures and cat were live models shot in our studio. The resulting imagery is a combination of CG elements, composited photographs, and digital painting which blurs the lines between the media.

Creating this series was invigorating and inspiring, as we’ve pulled from our many travels and been able to realize a wide variety of ideas that have been percolating in the back of our minds.

The Council
What makes this series one-of-a-kind?

The 8″x 10″ images were printed in-house using archival pigments on Moab Lasal Matte paper, then permanently dry-mounted on gessoed 3/4” maple plywood. The prints were hand painted with encaustic wax that was further enhanced with pan pastels, oil pigment sticks, and metallic pastels. The painting and metallic embellishments within the wax are one-of-a-kind and further enhance the underlaying print.

So It Will Be
Why did you choose to work in encaustics?

First and foremost – we love how encaustics look in both polished and unpolished states. We appreciate that this medium is environmentally friendly (unlike polymer resins), it is very stable, and archival. When treated with care, encaustics have the possibility of lasting for thousands of years. The famous Roman era Fayum Mummy Portraits (circa AD 80-100) were created using encaustic paintings.

Additionally, we find combining our meticulously crafted prints with the somewhat unpredictable, organic process of encaustics gives us an intimate give and take with the works. It is a multi-step process that speaks to both our perfectionism and conflicting belief in the Japanese practice of wabi-sabi, and we cherish the resulting unique, one-of-a-kind artworks.

We also love how melted wax smells. It is a luxurious combination of nuts and honey – a warm embrace – an endlessly burning birthday candle. What’s not to love?

You Could Never
How can I purchase the original pieces?

All of these original works are accessibly priced at $495 and a handful are still available though Arc Gallery at ArcGallerySF@gmail.com

They may be viewed in person at the gallery Weds & Thurs 1-6pm & Sat 12-3pm through October 6th.

Will prints be available in the future?

Eventually, but not at this time. The prints will also be inherently different from the encaustics pieces as they will not have the additionally painted embellishments or the luxurious depth achieved with the wax.

No Say
Are you going to make more pieces for this series?

Yes! We are enamored over the results of many of these and plan to explore more images. We are particularly drawn to the images of the floating figures, the shadow/crack monster, the swarm of birds, and the cataclysmic holes. We definitely want to make more of those subjects.

If Only