Making a Monster / Step 5 : It’s Alive!

Continued from – Step 4: Skinning the Beast

Full Disclosure – this project began before we decided to create the blog –  There is inadequate photographic documentation in this post. Sorry!

Most of the photos in this post are courtesy of Amanda Durbin – check her out!

And finally the big day arrived and the beast was ready to be brought to life.
Alex Pardee and myself with our decapitated Beast. 

The arms were made with the same tissue paper method as the hands. They were applied to a old long sleeve shirt that was cut in half up the back. This way the arms could be slipped on (like a surgical gown). Worth noting, though the tissue tends to be fragile and falls off with a lot of handling, it is also rather easy to reapply.


It’s impossible not to crack jokes when Alex Pardee is around.

The arms were kept long so they would hang over the hands and blend.

While the head of our beast waited patiently clamped to a hand truck…

Pardee couldn’t resist getting in on the action.

Though the beast was lightweight, it was not particularly easy to put on and take off. So Alex’s good friend and victim, er, volunteer, Alexander Tarrant was forced to wear the thing for about 5 hours that day. WOW, what an awesome friend.

(above) Placing the beast on Alexander’s head. 

This thing was BIG.

Below are two unretouched shots of the beast on-set.

An unretouched shot of Alex and the beast on set.

Who was more happy Alex or the Monster?

As mentioned, Tarrant wore the monster costume for about 5 hours! Here’s a shot of him after he took the head off. THIS is who was the most happy! Thanks Alexander!!!

Here are the Final portraits with Alex Pardee so you can see what we were up to.