Monster Hunter Series

Ransom & Mitchell got together with Alex Pardee to create a photo series that fulfilled his desires to be the Jumanji style Monster hunter he’s always known he was. Below you will find the final images from the series.

We are continuing to add links to the different behind-the-scenes processes that went into the creation of this project including, the making of the monster, the set build, the photoshop’ery and the FX make-up used. (links below the photos)

Links to how we did it:

Making a Monster:
Step 1 : Design the Beast
Step 2 : Bones of the Beast
Step 3 : Cutting the Teeth
Step 4 : Skinning the Beast
Step 5 : It’s ALIVE!

Swamp Set:
Monster Hunter / Making a Swamp Set

Monster Hunter / Photoshop’ery – keepin it real’ish

Alex Pardee’s Special Effects make-up:
to come