Capturing light is one of the most difficult challenges any artist faces. It is takes a truly sophisticated eye to craft a scene that breathes motivation into where illumination should be, and even more important, where it shouldn’t. In this regard, Adam 5100 is a modern Master following in the steps of Vermeer and Caravaggio.

His pieces are created by spray-painting multiple layers of extraordinarily detailed stencils. In most cases he begins with a black canvas and then literally pours the light into the scene until it bursts with expression.

Fecal Face stopped by Adam’s studio prior to his San Francisco show at Guerrero Gallery. The interview has many photos of his stencils, paintings and his studio, affording a rare behind-the-scenes peek into the artist’s process. Go here.

The complex process employed by Adam 5100 to create his remarkably visual and emotive stories can be viewed in this time-lapsed video.

To view an extensive portfolio please visit:

(via Hi-Fructose / photos courtesy of Adam 5100 and Guerrero Gallery)