Jessica Harrison

Jessica Harrison is an intrepid explorer of our deepest discomforts. Her 2010 work blends the innocent charm of ceramic figurines with the corporeal nightmares of disembowelment and other grotesque wounds.

In ‘09 she wrapped miniature furniture with dry, wrinkled skin, peppered with ugly sores and hair growth.

In ‘08 she created engorged monsters out of pulpy red human tongues thrusting out of delicate miniature furniture.

Harrison is walking a knifes edge to create such remarkable unbalance. I truly adore and admire her unsettling work. Something tells me if she were to tear a crusted scab off of my knee, a stream of red velvet ribbons would fall to the floor.

You may view her extensive portfolio on her website.

(via Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing)