Bunnie Reiss & Monica Canilao

LoPo gallery is excited to present Little Old One, the collaborative installations, and new works by Bunnie Reiss & Monica Canilao. November 12th – January 7th.

LoPo Gallery
1141 Polk St
San Francisco, CA
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Monica Canilao (left) and Bunnie Reiss (right) 

I stopped by the opening Nov 12th and was truly mesmerized by the transformation of the interior. The following photos do not do this highly immersive space justice. If you will be in San Francisco, I highly encourage you to visit the gallery and experience this unique installation.

My kiddo interacting with the immersive installation.

Walking through the space felt like stumbling upon a mysterious treehouse deep in a magical forrest. It was overfull with a pleasing balance of emotional spaces – both comforting and carefree, as well as, engaging and ritualistic. Both adults and children alike were drawn into the beauty and the hundreds of exquisite details.

The space is so immersive, that the vast selection of new art created by the artists seamlessly exists within the space. But do not loose sight of these complex and beautiful pieces. Even without this lush setting, each of these would stand out.

The LoPo Gallery blog also has an in-depth interview by Kate Bieschke with Bunnie Reiss and Monica Canilao that is well worth reading.

Below is a series of photos taken during the installation. All photos are courtesy of Lopo Gallery Blog & photogrpaher, John Reiss.

In the second LoPo space is a playfully irreverent series of silkscreens and paintings by Ezra Li Esmont that is also worth checking out!